Painter of Rhythm, Harmony, and Contrast

Just by gazing at my paintings, the viewer can perceive an intense dialogue between my lines, my colors, my traces, and the person looking at them. In my opinion, my work constitutes a true parade that reflects the emotions of those who contemplate it. The genesis of my canvas is made from the most abstract of emotions. Anything inspires me. 


The barking of dogs, the chanting of the roosters, the hissing of the tap taps, the shrieking of women who have lost their children, the sirens of the ambulances or the police cars; the rhythm of Jazz music, of rara dance, of carnival, of Yandalou, of Ibo, of Petro, and of Congo. In short, the gathering of noises, music, and dances contribute to my creativity…

Fravrange Valcin (Valcin II)